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  • Ensure Reliability

    • Products subjected to repeated cycles of loading and unloading can fail, even if the stresses are well under safe values – a condition known as fatigue. PTC Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension can bolster product reliability by enabling engineers to simulate and improve the fatigue performance of their designs.

    • This reduces design iterations and costly test programs, while improving product durability. Improve your verification and validation processes with PTC Creo’s advanced fatigue analysis capabilities.

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  • Design for Durability

    • With 80% to 90% of all structural failures resulting from fatigue, think of the advantage you’d have if you could evaluate your designs for durability right from the outset of the design process. With Pro/engineerfatigue advisor, you can clearly understand the life of your product to avoid surprises, such as warranty costs and underperforming products, down the road.

    • Metal components subjected to repeated cycles of loading and unloading can fail even though the maximum stresses developed are well below safestatic values.
    • This failure–commonly known as fatigue failure–can be thoroughly evaluated using Pro/ENGINEER Fatigue Advisor.
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  • Unique!

    • Fatigue Advisor is a unique product, intended specifically for designers who need to understand the durability of their products. Notonly does Fatigue Advisor give you an up-front assessment of your product’s durability, but it also enables you to understand the impact that design changes have on the fatigue life of the component.

    • Fatigue Advisor provides the tools necessary to design for durability and quality. As an integral part of the Pro/ENGINEER product family, it can be used throughout the design process, from concept through detailed design.

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- Creo Fatigue Advisor Extension -
Product Reliability Analyses

  • Results of Fatigue Analysis

    Accurately predict the life of the product by determining the numberof cycles to failure. Understand the damage to product, expressed as the ratio between accumulated fatigue cycles and the total number of cycles to failure.

  • Leverage all post-processing and reporting capabilities of Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica

    Examine results in fringe plots or other formats available within Pro/ENGINEER Mechanica. Export information to HTML for sharing results throughout your organization.

  • Load History Definition tools

    Constant Amplitude (peak-peak, zero-peak, user-defined). Variable Amplitude (populate a table manually or by importing from file.

  • Key Benefits

    Reduce product warranty costs by creating more durable products. Eliminate lengthy, costly physical prototyping phases of design validation. Improve product quality and durability using embedded optimization technology. Identify design issues requiring improvement early, when the cost of change is minimal. Design with more confidence throughout the product lifecycle.

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